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2005 US Book Tour for
The Sufi Book of Life:
99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish

(Penguin Putnam US, release date: April 2005)

  • April 5: Chicago, IL: 7 pm. Transitions bookshop, 1000 W North Avenue. 1-312-951-7323. *rescheduled May 3, 6 pm*

  • April 7: Madison, WI: 7 pm. Borders Books, 3750 University Avenue. 1-708-579-3243.
  • April 8-10:
    Madison, WI: Weekend retreat (Fri-Sun):

    All Wisdom's Children: Meditations with the Great Mystics of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    Jewish, Christian and Islamic mystics through the ages have shared the view that Holy Wisdom invites us all to the same feast, where there is enough for all. Jewish mystics honored Holy Wisdom both as the Hochmah of Proverbs and the Shekhinah of Shabbat. Christian mystics honored her as Sophia, and many early Aramaic-speaking Christians saw her embodied in the life and teachings of Jesus. Sufis and other Islamic mystics welcomed her as the divine Beloved as well as another face of the Only Being. This retreat will share sitting meditation, body prayer, walking meditation and Dances of Universal Peace connecting these traditions and related to Neil's new book The Sufi Book of Life. By imagining us all sharing Wisdom's table, we can more easily accept and befriend the paradoxes of life as well as the prodigal sons and daughters we find within us. The shared wisdom of the three traditions also show us ways to bring energy and love back into our lives. We can then more easily recognize each other as one family, all of us Wisdom's children.

    Contact: Ken Basir McCullough 1 (608) 277-0340; Email:
    Details here

  • April 13-17: Boise, ID:

  • April 13: 6-7 pm. Borders bookshop, 1123 N. Milwaukee Rd. Tel. 208 322 6563

  • April 14: Thursday evening lecture at Boise State University as part of the Kessler Keener Lecture series: "Spiritual Approaches to Peace and a Shared Practice of Peace for Christians, Jews and Muslims.
    Weekend workshop: "All Wisdom's Children" (see description above, Fri-Sun).

    Contact: Lane Schulz, Email:   Details here.

  • April 22-24: San Francisco, CA Bay area:
    Weekend retreat: "All Wisdom's Children"

    (see description above, Fri-Sun).
    Contact: Violetta Reiser, Tel. 415-821-0939. Email:   Details here.

  • April 27: Corte Madera, Marin County, CA: 1 pm. Transitions Bookshop, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd. 1-415-927-0973
  • April 28-30: San Francisco, CA Bay area:
    International Association of Sufism Annual World Symposium
    Neil Douglas-Klotz offering talks and workshops along with many other leaders from Sufi schools and orders worldwide.

  • May 3: Chicago, IL: 6 pm. Transitions bookshop, 1000 W North Avenue. 1-312-951-7323.

  • Wednesday, May 4: Columbus, OH, 7:00 pm.
    Reading and book signing for The Sufi Book of Life at Borders Books, 4545 Kenny Road. (614) 451-2292.

  • May 5-8: Columbus, OH:
    Weekend retreat: �All Wisdom�s Children� (see description above, Thurs-Sun.)
    Contact: the Rev. Elizabeth Reed, Shalem Center, Tel. 614-885-2411 Ext.  2131, Email    Details here.

  • May 9: Cambridge, MA: Cambridge, MA: "Pathways of the Heart: An evening with Neil Douglas-Klotz (Saadi Shakur Chisti)."  Dances of Universal Peace, and practices and teachings from The Sufi Book of Life. Location: Friends Room, Cambridge Friends meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park (off Brattle St. near Harvard Square). For more information contact: Abraham Sussman 617-491-8694.

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