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51. The Truth in Each Moment

When you are drawn to this pathway, take the opportunity to make space for the amount of divine life energy that you are able to embody at this moment and experience this as your 'truth' in this moment.

Earlier the pathway of Halim (32) showed us the value of temporary, altered states of consciousness. Here we focus on the extent of the divine qualities that we are able to fully embody at this moment, in a consistent way of living our everyday life. This extent depends upon the flexibility of the nafs, our inner community of voices, and its ability to reflect and express our sacred purpose in life right now.

The Sufis also use this attribute of the One Being to point to its "real Reality" as such, that is, beyond words and concepts. As Rumi told his students:

That Reality, as Reality itself, has no opposite. It only has an opposite when viewed through form, like Iblis compared with Adam, Moses compared with Pharaoh and Abraham compared with Nimrod. The "opposite" of the saints also served their purpose. Through their opposition, the saints prospered and became known:

The moon shines in the darkness,
bringing joy to all.
A dog howls in response,
according to its nature.
We can't blame the moon
just because the dog disturbs us.
Perhaps you have had a peak or trough experience, a high or a low. Where did this leave you? The Sufis would call this your maqam, or stage of spiritual development for the moment. Perhaps you are facing choices in your life. If so, consolidate and solidify all of the possibilities and intangibles. What part of your realization can you bring into action now?

Roots and Branches

Traditional translations of this quality include "the truth" and "the only reality." The roots of Haqq, the letters HQ, show a definite impression being made, like a character pressed into clay. This writing into your being is your character. This quality is also indirectly related to the pathways Hakam (28) and Hakim (46). The gathering of sense and discrimination that these two pathways offer fully manifests itself here as the "truth" of one's being in the present moment. The Quran often uses this name for the One Being to remind its listeners that the "Allah" it is speaking about is not another theological thought form or ideal, but the basis of reality itself, no matter what it is named.


Center again in the heart. Breathe the sound Ya into the heart and breathe out the sound Haqq from the heart downward all the way to your feet. Allow a door to be open to the inner self. Then release any tension you feel. Relax and allow the full embodiment of the One's truth for this moment to be absorbed into you like rain into the fertile soil. Breathe rhythmically in and out. As you feel more force in the sound, keep releasing more. Let go. It is Allah's force, not your thought of yourself that does the work.

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